Permission-Based Highly Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns That Deliver Results!

InDigiMar specializes in email marketing services. Our goal is simple - to achieve measurable results for our clients based on strong email marketing strategies. Over the last 25 years, our email marketing campaigns have earned the business and trust of clients across the world. Our clients range from Fortune 500 corporations to locally owned and operated small business. By providing email marketing solutions that target your preferred customer, we are one of the best email marketing service providers available today. With our unique formula of email marketing and multi-channel advertising that targets your preferred audience we help companies increase sales in a cost-effective way.

Email Marketing Services

  • Email Marketing Strategy
  • Targeted Deployments
  • Bot Detection
  • Guaranteed Click-Through
  • High Conversion Rates

Interactive & Versatile

  • Forward to Friends
  • View More Info
  • Add Products to Carts
  • Visit Websites
  • Post to Social Media

Reaching Your Customer

  • Audience is 3 Times Larger than Facebook and Twitter.
  • Builds Relationships With Your Preferred Customer.
  • Highest Engagement Rate with People Checking Email Frequently.
  • Over 750 Targeting Options Available.
  • Cost Efficient to Reach Targeted Audience.


  • Email Marketing Helps You Reach Your Ideal Audience Directly - On Their Phones, Computers, Tablets or Wrists!
  • Email Marketing is Targeted, Accountable, Measurable, Cost Efficient and Effective.
  • Email Continues to Deliver Strong ROI and Value for Marketers.
  • Email Marketing Best Practices Deliver 4 Times Higher Than Other Platforms.


Our database is comprised of over 150 million records and nearly 750 available demographic and lifestyle targeting options including Age, Gender, Geo, Household Income, Interests, Behaviors and more! We guarantee delivery to your preferred customers and higher click-through rates!


Our in-depth tracking shows you open and click percentages, clicks broken out by device type as well as providing heat maps for each email deployment - helping you to view your strongest and weakest performing links within your email campaign. Our experts will analyze the results and adjust your email marketing strategy to increase engagement on future email campaigns.


Our innovative email marketing designs and solutions are 100% CAN-SPAM compliant guaranteeing highly targeted exceptional email deliverability. Our professional designers create a unique email marketing campaign geared to increase your target audiences engagement with your brand through the use of email marketing best practices.


We are committed to delivering bot-free traffic. We use two 3rd party bot detection companies, in addition to our own proprietary methods to identify and filter bots in real time. We will identify and block most bots so they are blocked before they reach your website. If a bot does get through - we guarantee that we will replace those bots with a new valid click or visitor at no additional charge. We will reach your click through rate goal with valid visitors.


Schedule a FREE Marketing Strategy Consultation

Our customer strategy consultation is a FREE 30-minute meeting that is focused on discovering and analyzing your existing marketing channels including your website, social media channels, media and existing marketing initiatives. This FREE consultation will be used to create marketing recommendations to help your utilize your marketing dollars more efficiently to GROW your business.
  • Stand Out - make your marketing memorable so that shoppers are more likely to remember your business
  • Sell More - make it easy for shoppers to find and buy from your business
  • Build Trust - being responsive builds trust and helps the customer to feel more at ease with your business and the buying process
Schedule time with a marketing specialist to review your current marketing efforts. Fill out the form, or give us a call at (888) 978-6696. We’re looking forward to speaking with you!

The Honda Dealer Network in North Carolina and Virginia were facing heavy competition and needed to improve their corporate messaging and track foot traffic into the dealership showrooms. Over four years, we were able to implement geo-conquesting; targeting in-market consumers and tracked over 16,810 registered showroom visits. Learn More


Paran Homes with locations in Atlanta, Nashville and Raleigh wanted to generate brand awareness through geo-fencing to track walk-in traffic for in-market home buyers for their new housing developments in the Atlanta area. Within the first four months the campaigns drove 170 walk-ins. Each month the walk-in traffic doubled which lowered the cost-per-walk-in by 50%! Learn More


The client wanted to take their innovative supplementary drink to market and was looking for a marketing agency with the operational capacity to do so. We took an omni-channel approach to marketing this product in Atlanta, Houston and Denver and reached 7,835,256 people resulting in 18,684 clicks to the product pages at $2.10 per click. Learn More


This American fast food restaurant needed to increase local awareness and drive foot traffic into restaurants throughout Eastern North Carolina and Virginia. We ran a mobile geofencing campaign that served coupons at peak lunch and dinner times which resulted in 2200 store walk-ins over three months at a 68% saving per walk-in. Learn More