Regional Honda Dealer Association


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The client is a Regional Honda Dealer Association located in the South.


Heavy CompetitionHeavy Competition
Corporate Messaging AlignmentCorporate Messaging Alignment
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Geo ConquestingGeo Conquesting
In-Market AudienceIn-Market Audience
Walk-In TrackingWalk-In Tracking


The dealer association has multiple dealerships across the Southern region. Maintaining consistent messaging with Honda corporate while highlighting each dealership’s individuality is a persisting challenge. While the association had brand and messaging guidelines from the OEM, implementing these effectively across the board while also standing out against other brands that were gaining market shares proved to be a significant challenge, and they knew they needed expert advice. The Southern region is highly competitive, especially with brands like Toyota, Nissan, and Hyundai battling to conquer the market. The dealer association requested our help in meeting Honda corporate goals for the region and developing a bold strategy with meaningful methods to measure marketing success.


The dealer association had approached us in early 2016 to present their then future vision of their sales and marketing goals and their expectations. We took the opportunity to assess their media plans and furnished a proposal.

We created a custom geo-targeting strategy within the three DMAs that the dealerships were located in, with the goal to cast a wide net and maximize reach. We geo-fenced a few miles around each of their dealership locations and delivered the ads with an optimum frequency. The campaigns focused on attracting in-market car buyers who were interested in Honda, along with those buyers who were researching other similar brands, including Toyota, Nissan, and Hyundai.

To sustain a strong establishment in the market, we geo-conquested competing dealerships, engaged those users with custom creative, and retargeted them after leaving the dealership. We continuously optimized creatives and A/B tested frequently to find the best performing iterations.

We proactively renovated our strategy, testing different tactics to improve our walk-in numbers, click-through rates, and performance by creatives. Our team experimented with targeting inventory across different device types and publishers and how that could impact our relevancy. We also added contextual targeting to display hyper-relevant ads on automotive sites. This improved the CTRs and recurring visits to the dealership’s website, eventually driving more walk-in traffic to their showrooms. After achieving success with our mobile geofencing campaign, the association enlisted our help on several other media channels, including Amazon display ads and video advertising.



For four years, the dealer association saw a total of 16,819 registered walk-ins to their dealership locations. Consistent campaign performance, along with their friendly customer service, led to their consecutive year-over-year market share growth. Impressively, despite having fewer Honda vehicles in total, they frequently outsold Toyota unit to unit when comparing local head to head dealer performance of Toyota and Honda. Additionally, the association received national recognition for their performance in both their college grad and military programs.

16,810 Registered Showroom Visits Since 2017

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