Regional Restaurant Chain Tracks 2200+ Walk-ins While Reducing Advertising Spend 68%

Quick Service Restaurants (QSR)

Mobile Geofencing, Facebook

Company Profile

An American regional chain of fast-food restaurants with over 750+ locations Nationwide. They have been successfully running their business for over 42 years since 1977 when they were founded. We provided marketing services for their restaurants located in the Eastern North Carolina and Virginia regions.


Outdated Media ChannelsOutdated Media Channels
Lack of Walk-in AttributionLack of Walk-in Attribution


Mobile GeofencingMobile Geofencing
Walk-In AttributionWalk-In Attribution


This restaurant chain reached out to our agency network to improve their performance and quality of marketing. The agency they were previously working with was lagging on newer media and marketing technology. The restaurant was not getting the services that were on par with the QSR industry standards.


We understood that location awareness was an area that needed immediate improvement. To increase location awareness, we geo-targeted people within a 3-mile radius of each restaurant in the Eastern North Carolina market and served them with a coupon.

Our proprietary technology attributed store walk-ins with ad impressions based on advanced matching algorithms, enabling us to track when customers entered their restaurants after seeing an ad. The cumulative efforts from working together within our partner agency network led to the success of the campaign.


To build on top of the existing customers, we retargeted the app users through geo-targeting and offered discounts during peak hours - lunch and dinner times. We then created lookalike audiences based on data collected from visitors who converted, showing ads to users who were more likely to make a purchase. We gathered data from the Geofencing campaigns and applied the learnings to optimize the Social campaigns, which allowed us to efficiently drive restaurant visits, reducing the Cost Per Walk-In by 68% over three months. The campaigns generated 2220 actual Store Walk-Ins.

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