Automotive Social Media Rules

automotive social media

Automotive social media is a powerful tool that can help drive leads your way, help with branding, and be a tool for reputation management. If your dealership is already using social media to communicate with customers, it is time to introduce some guidelines for your staff. Setting these boundaries will help prevent headaches down the road.

Set Your Tone for Automotive Social Media

You want to be professional on all fronts. Remember that every post reflects on your company and your brand. Show that your dealership is knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly to its customers.

Avoid Posting About Issues That Can Be Polarizing

Issues such as religion and politics can bring out angry or hateful comments that you do not want on your site(s). Posting about controversial issues can also alienate parts of your customer base. Follow the rule of “Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.” Instead, focus on your brand, your services, and the dealership itself.

Create an Automotive Social Media Policy for Your Company

While you can’t control what your employees post on their own social media, you can provide guidance as to how they handle social media. Some basic ideas to implement are:

  • Be transparent: If you are posting in a conversation that relates to the automotive industry, make sure to identify yourself as an employee of the dealership. Identify your comments as your own personal views and not those of the management.
  • Be honest: Do not post fake reviews or pretend to be a customer. Failing to be honest can damage your dealership’s reputation.
  • Be respectful: Do not disparage your competition. Do not use offensive language. Do not pick fights or engage with commenters looking to do so. You can acknowledge differences in opinion without being argumentative.
  • Think before you post: The internet is forever. Make sure that you are engaging in meaningful dialogue. In this day and age, you can’t always take back what you have typed, so make sure what you are posting is how you want your dealership to be perceived.

Have a Policy in Place to Deal with Negative Comments

Designate someone in management to deal with negative comments. Have employees report any negative comments to this person, rather than address negative comments themselves. This will ensure that the comments are dealt with consistently and in the best interest of the dealership. Always reply to negative reviews by reaching out and asking the individual to contact the dealership directly.

Be Consistent

Post regularly. Algorithm changes in the various social media platforms mean that your posts may not be seen if you are not posting on a consistent basis. Create and schedule your posts in advance and supplement those regular posts with inventory, service, customers, or employee introductions. Diversify your content, linking not just to inventory, but to blogs and other services your dealership provides.

Connect with Your Audience

Interact with the people that post to your page. Answer questions, address reviews (positive or negative), and, in general, be present for your audience. Show them that you are active and paying attention. Use your social media platform to cultivate relationships with customers.

The role of social media in the automotive industry is continually evolving and can be challenging to navigate. Setting guidelines can help to streamline your posts and help to manage your image and brand. If you need some help, let our team of experts help jump start your company with social platforms. We design your automotive social media pages and provide one-on-one training. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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