Atlanta Home Builder Tracks 170 Walk-Ins in 4 Months

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Mobile Geofencing, Walk-in Tracking

Company Profile

The client is an independent construction home builder with communities in Atlanta, Nashville, and Raleigh. They deliver high-quality homes at competitive prices. Before positioning the company as an independent homebuilder, members of the executive team held leadership positions with some of the largest homebuilders, bringing in 200 years of combined experience in the industry. The client builds its communities with prospective homebuyers in mind. They strategically place communities in locations that provide easy access to great schools, shopping centers, and major highways. The neighborhoods offer family-friendly amenities, including tennis courts, clubhouses, and swimming pools.


Building Brand AwarenessBuilding Brand Awareness
Reaching In-Market Home BuyersReaching In-Market Home Buyers
Tracking Foot TrafficTracking Foot Traffic


Mobile GeofencingMobile Geofencing
Audience DataAudience Data
Walk-in TrackingWalk-in Tracking


Our client wanted to generate brand awareness for some of its new housing developments in the greater Atlanta area. They wanted to ensure they reached the right audience: in-market home buyers looking to purchase in the next six to twelve months. Also, the client was not tracking any real-world traffic that was influenced by their digital campaigns. They were looking for a vendor that could accurately reach their target market using geofencing and measure walk-ins to their property sites.


We consulted with the construction firm on their marketing strategy and developed a geofencing campaign. Initially, they wanted to geofence three locations in proximity to their property in Atlanta. As the campaigns started to generate traffic, we added additional geofences targeted to potential buyers around housing developments, vacant properties - homes for sale, banks offering housing loans, real estate brokerages, leasing offices, schools, shopping centers, and more.

Over four months, we increased the reach and the foot traffic by geofencing more than 21 relevant locations. We used audience data to focus a subset of the traffic toward in-market home buyers who fit the target market's demographics and had shown interest in purchasing via behavioral data. The audience data provided a higher level of precision to our targeting resulting in cost-efficiency for the campaigns. We applied geofences around the client's property in Atlanta to track walk-in traffic attributed to the mobile display campaigns.


The campaign drove a total of 170 walk-ins within the first four months of its launch. While the budgets remained consistent, we were able to increase the click-through-rates and percent delivery month over month. The delivery went up to 114%, and we got a CTR of 0.33%. After the second month, we doubled the walk-ins tracked. We recorded a total of 21 walk-ins in April, 44 in May, and 45 in June, lowering the cost-per-walk-in by 50% to $33.30.

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