Why Your Facebook Fans Do Not See Your Posts


Do you wonder why your Facebook fans do not see your posts? Facebook used to be a marketer’s buffet. As many Facebook fans as your page could amass were as many fans as your page’s content would reach. Not to mention when your content was shared, more people would be reached. Today, Facebook has changed. Now, your business posts reach as little as 2% of your followers. Facebook’s algorithm prioritizes only about 300 – one-fifth – of posts from your business. The brands that want to get noticed have to pay to play.

Why make businesses pay?

Facebook, after all, is a business just like us. So, to compensate for their rapid growth, they began monetizing business page posts. This has forced many businesses to either create budgets for marketing on Facebook or focus more on other platforms. However, Facebook has unveiled new marketing tools and updated the Facebook algorithm in 2015 which will help businesses who are getting lost in the sea of timeline posts because of their limited budget.

How will this affect my business? 

The percentage of followers your business Facebook posts reach has been decreasing since about 2012. Because of this, marketing professionals have noted a need for increased marketing budgets to allow for the “boosting” or promoting posts within Facebook. While the costs associated with your ad campaigns will change based on your target age group, their target interests, and how many people you want to reach, your business can expect to pay anywhere from $5 to $1,500 per month for boosted posts. Marketing plans need to have a budget for boosting posts on Facebook.

Is there any way to get around Facebook fans not seeing your posts?

When designing a well-planned marketing strategy, it is so important to remember all of the social media platforms. There are several platforms available to your business so that you can get your message out to a large audience. Even if your business is not at the level that it can afford a marketing team, you will still be able to build brand awareness. This is where the idea of a marketing mix comes into play. A marketing mix is using multiple avenues to get your company’s content to the public. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Linkedin, to name a few, are all available to your business. Even better is that each of these sites has a different audience.

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