We Drive Programmatic Advertising for Marketers

Experts in Streaming Media

We execute effective cross-channel campaigns to reach consumers at every point of their purchasing journey.

Connected TV, Streaming Audio, Display, Video

Leverage the Power of Connected TV

Reach a new audience with compelling + measurable advertising. We anchor all our campaigns with connected TV—the fasted growing channel.

Connect with Listeners Using Streaming Audio

All the advantages of Radio, but with the targeting and analytics of digital. Reach new audiences by accessing the top streaming platforms and layer your targeting and receive insights through attribution including dealership lot arrivals.

Advanced Targeting & Attribution Technology

Curate, target and track completely unique and cost- effective audiences through our established partnerships with leading data providers.


Schedule a FREE Marketing Strategy Consultation

Our customer strategy consultation is a FREE one-hour meeting that is focused on discovering and analyzing your existing marketing channels including your website, social media channels, media and existing marketing initiatives. This FREE consultation will be used to create a marketing action plan to help your utilize your marketing dollars more efficiently to GROW your business.

  • Stand Out - make your marketing memorable so that shoppers are more likely to remember your business.
  • Sell More - make it easy for shoppers to find and buy from your business.
  • Build Trust - being responsive builds trust and helps the customer to feel more at ease with your business and the buying process.

Schedule time with an marketing specialist to review your current marketing efforts. Fill out the form, or give us a call at (757) 809-3959. We’re looking forward to speaking with you!

What Our Clients Say

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Dean Golembeski
Dean Golembeski
Public Affairs Manager, Jefferson Labs
“InDigiMar has been instrumental in helping Jefferson Lab develop and roll out its new Drupal-based website, bringing a high level of expertise and experience to a very complex and tedious task. The lab has more than 200,000 web pages, many of which needed to be migrated to the new site and then reorganized to realize two critical goals-improving user experience and establishing a content management system. InDigiMar's staff has been highly professional during this process and, importantly, they have always been available when needed.”