Sara Johnston


Jeff Johnston

COO/Lead Graphics

Dani Corum

Director of Development

Eileen Gizara

Director of Client Relations

Lynn Cude

Director of Sales

Berrey Matlock

Social Media Manager

Alex Rayu

Developer Manager

Christian Ferrer

Director of Digital Media

Ben Sheppard

Growth Marketing Manager

Arron Pritchard

Ad Operations Manager

Derren Foreman

Front-End Developer

Amber Rose Bridges

Account Coordinator

Vivian Williams

Graphic Designer

Nicole Norton

Graphic Designer

Aimee Samuels

Lead Strategist

Skylar Galloway

Content Strategist

Kim Carver

Creative Strategist

Kevin Bradley

Senior Copywriter

Karla Hamilton

Media Buyer

Liam Walker

Digital Imaging Technician


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Dean Golembeski
Dean Golembeski
Public Affairs Manager, Jefferson Labs
“InDigiMar has been instrumental in helping Jefferson Lab develop and roll out its new Drupal-based website, bringing a high level of expertise and experience to a very complex and tedious task. The lab has more than 200,000 web pages, many of which needed to be migrated to the new site and then reorganized to realize two critical goals-improving user experience and establishing a content management system. InDigiMar's staff has been highly professional during this process and, importantly, they have always been available when needed.”