Essential Tools New Marketers Need to Succeed

essential tools

In order to become successful, every new marketer needs a good toolbox full of essential tools. Inside that toolbox is a plethora of websites, apps, and software. These can assist with developing, scheduling, tracking, designing, and automating your marketing efforts. Marketing in of itself is matriculate and time-consuming. By utilizing these tools, you will be able to get more done, save time, stay organized, and better define what you need to do in order to become a successful marketer.

SEO Tools

Search engine optimization is the art of increasing a site’s visibility on the search results page. This is done by determining the top keywords used to search for that particular topic or market. Once you have established your keywords, include them in your blog posts and websites. To help to determine the best words, you will need essential tools in your toolbox. These are keyword planners, reporting, and link building tools.

Graphics and Multimedia Design

Marketing materials are taking a more visual path in addition to traditional blogs and websites. By using materials such as videos and infographics, marketers are gaining more interaction with their audience. There are several apps and programs you can use to create these kinds of materials. You can also find artists on freelancer sites that will design and create them for you. 

Automation Tools

Flooding your followers with social media posts, can cause a drop in followers very quickly. By using automation tools, you can quickly and easily schedule posts that are time-sensitive to go out immediately. You can schedule later times for the less significant posts. Automation essential tools not only work for social media but with other avenues as email marketing and blogs.

Fantastic Note Taking

Never underestimate the power of being able to write notes and access them across multiple devices. There are a couple of programs out currently that will allow you to start one thing on your phone and then pick it back up at a later time on your computer or tablet. These are an invaluable tool when it comes to keeping up with new ideas and plans.  

Mobile Apps

Almost every desktop application out today has an app, or at the very least, an app that acts as a mobile extension to the desktop software. So many tasks can now be accomplished from phones and tablets that there isn’t as much need to remain in front of a desk all the time. Your toolbox should include apps that can be used to control your blog, email blasts, and social media accounts allowing you to monitor, schedule, or respond as needed.

Essential Tools for Social Media Marketing, Advertising, and Tracking

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter are used to create brand awareness, direct traffic to your website, and engage with customers. There is an abundance of platforms available to choose from, and since not all of them work for every industry, you will want to do your research before signing up for every one of them. Your toolbox should contain tools that will schedule, track, and identify post demographics within these sites. By doing this, you will be able to understand your targeted audience better and to choose scheduling times that will assist in getting your information out to more people.

As you continue to grow as a marketer, you will find more tools you will want to include in your toolbox. Use these tools to help develop new strategies; you will gain valuable information about your target audiences such as how people are interacting with your sites and pages and what times work the best to get your content out in front of your audience. Once you have the information, you can use it to start automating your materials to go out months in advance thus allowing more time to research and write good marketing content while continuing to improve your marketing strategies.  The good news is that as you do this, decision-making will become easier over time when deciding which direction to take next.…

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