7 Email Marketing Techniques You Should Be Using

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There are several email marketing techniques your business should be using. Mass marketing via email has proven to be non-effective in today’s digital world. Sending out an email to potentially thousands of subscribers and hoping that it will be delivered to an inbox and not the dreaded junk folder. Fingers crossed that the catchy subject line will encourage folks to open the email. Praying that your email doesn’t get reported as spam is an inefficient way to engage your subscribers.

If you want your subscribers to open your email and read the contents, you must consider WIIFT (What’s in it for them?). The tricky part is creating an email campaign that addresses that question for several thousand subscribers. Jenny might think it’s great, but Mike couldn’t care less. So how do you get people to not only open your emails but read them too? Try using these seven techniques when building your next email marketing campaign.

Email Automation

Email automation works on a trigger and action system. This allows you to set specific guidelines for your emails. These guidelines consist of which emails you are sending, when the emails are sent, and who you are sending emails too. The easiest way to do this is to use an email automation platform. Constant Contact, MailChimp, or Convertkit are just a few available. Using one of these platforms allows you to set up several emails ahead of time, set your triggers, and walk away. You can feel reassured that your brand is getting out there. And you know that your message is getting out to the right people.


Many marketers tend to think that personalization means they must completely reorganize all their data. With just a few changes you can set yourself on the path to successful email marketing.  By personalizing your emails with content geared towards customer’s actual concerns, you will create a connection. This connection is with not only your current customers but also your potential customers. The fastest and easiest way to personalize your email list is thru Segmentation.


Segmentation is the process of breaking your list down into categories. These can be gender, location, interests, transactional data, behavioral data, etc. Segmenting your email lists allows you to send out emails that are more specific to individual consumers’ wants and needs. The further you segment your list the more personal you can get with your emails. As you segment your lists, you will also be creating groups of customers and potential customers that you want to target. These customers are going to fit into several different profiles or personas. How in-depth these profiles become is entirely up to you and your marketing goals.

Basic Profile Targeting

At the basic level, your targeting profile will dictate the who’s, what’s, and why’s of your email marketing campaigns. To achieve these answers, create several Buyer Personas to group your leads into the right segments. Once you have created your profiles, you will have a better understanding of which subscribers belong in which segmentation, the next step is to track the subscriber’s engagement with your emails, this is tracked through lead scoring.

Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is a method that assigns a numerical value to a lead by determining their sales-readiness. To determine how to score your leads, you want to look at several things such as the persona they fit into, their location, how often they engage with your brand, and how closely their needs align with your product. Once you establish these scores, you will be able to tell which leads you to want fast-track through the sales process and which ones you will need to nurture and develop over time.

Responsive Email Design

In today’s day and age people read their emails everywhere, on their computers, on all manners of mobile devices from watches to tablets, and you want to make sure that no matter where they are reading your emails, your email is formatted correctly. Make sure that your emails are designed to be responsive and flexible to each device.  With just a few considerations to layouts, font sizes, images, and the amount of content you are sending out, your emails will be ready for any device.

Social Media Integration

Adding social media to your email campaigns is a terrific way of encouraging your customer to learn more. Most consumers will interact with a brand a dozen times before making a purchase. These interactions are often through more than just one media outlet.  Integrating social media with your email can be as easy as adding social sharing functionality to your emails and promoting your campaigns through social media channels. The more people engage with your brand, the more likely they are to remember you when they need too.

Email Marketing is growing by leaps and bounds due to the advanced functionality now offered through many email marketing platforms. By reaching out to the right customer at the right time, you’ll increase consumer trust in your brand and can help them to solve everyday problems using your products or services.

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