Sports Drink CPG Company Gains Brand Awareness for New Product Launch

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The client delivers an innovative supplementary drink that provides nutrition and recovery for athletes. The founding team comprises leaders from some of the largest sports nutrition and beverage companies. The product is truly one of its kind. It’s a patent-pending nutritional drink, designed to give elite athletes more rapid and complete recovery from training and competition. This scientific breakthrough uniquely combines stabilized omega-3 fatty acids with high-quality proteins, carnitine, vitamins D and E, and natural antioxidants in a fruit juice beverage. The client’s mission is to enable everyone involved in competitive sports to continuously improve their own personal best through the highest quality nutrition.


New Product LaunchNew Product Launch
Brand AwarenessBrand Awareness


Omni Channel MarketingOmni-Channel Marketing
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Devising and executing a go-to-market strategy for a unique product that has a niche target market is in itself quite a challenge. With the core team focusing on product research, development, and enhancements; they were short on resources to invest in marketing. Finding an agency with experience in building go-to-market strategies, as well as having the operational capacity and tenacity to deliver on the tactical execution wasn't easy. Former marketing efforts had failed to establish brand awareness within the target audience in order to educate them about the benefits of the product.


Our approach is straightforward when it comes to new product launches. Our main priority is always our client's success, which meant applying a unique perspective rather than utilizing our tried and true process.

We aimed to achieve maximum exposure with the lowest spending, which resulted in an omnichannel approach. This approach provided analytical insight into the market within a couple of weeks. We discovered that our primary age demographic is between 35 and 50; 45% are female, and 55% Male. Most of them lived in Atlanta, Houston, and Denver and are users on Instagram and Facebook.

From there, we optimized the campaigns to focus on Click-Through Rates (CTR's) rather than reach. We reallocated budgets from other channels to Social and focused on Lifestyle ads. These modifications solidified the client's campaign and media strategy and laid a strong foundation for scaling in the months to come.

The client saw a massive increase in traffic to their site by reaching a relatively broad audience quickly, thereby providing the significant level of brand awareness required for them to push the product to the market and establish considerable market share. Month-over-month the website attracted relevant and high-quality audiences who learned about the benefits of the product.


Their ads engaged and educated their target audiences about the benefits of their product and generated interest. In terms of brand awareness in the market and visibility, they have gained substantial market share as we continue to improve campaign performance based on the monthly analytical analysis. The client generated a total impression count of 7,835,256 with a CTR of 0.65%, contributing to a total of 18,684 clicks at $2.10.

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