Auto Market of Florida results in a 928% return on investment


Quick approval lead generation, Facebook (targeted posting, lead ads), Google Ads, Spanish language campaigns

Company Profile

The client is a Buy Here Pay Here dealership located in Florida


Buy Here Pay Here dealershipBuy Here Pay Here
Identify their ideal customerIdentify their
ideal customer
Sell more cars and increase revenueSell more cars and
increase revenue


Quick approval processQuick approval process
Social Media MarketingSocial Media MarketingSocial Media Marketing
Google AdsGoogle Ads


This Buy Here Pay Here dealership was relatively new to the market and unsure how to connect with and define their target audience. They needed to produce more leads and convert more sales to meet their sales goals. Ultimately, a decision was made that to increase sales and revenue, they needed to bring in an outside marketing agency that specialized in automotive marketing.


The dealer approached our company in 2018 to create a marketing strategy that would increase car sales and revenue. We used this opportunity to evaluate their current processes and strategies and presented a proposal.

After evaluation and market research, we created a multi-pronged approach to maximize reach in their DMA. We created the client a new, mobile and SEO friendly website with a quick approval finance form. This form delivered leads directly into the client’s DMS, putting the information directly into the sales funnel. Upon implementing the Quick Approval form and process, the client noticed a dramatic increase in lead generation.

We also increased their social media marketing substantially. While they already had a functional Facebook page, they were not utilizing all the resources available to them. Using a combination of lead form ads and audience targeting, they were able to pull in an average of 400- 500 additional leads monthly.

Realizing that they were missing a key segment of their audience in their current advertising strategy, we developed multi-lingual advertising campaigns to reach their Spanish-speaking audience. These campaigns ran over email, Google ads, and direct mail. Connecting with this audience ultimately lead to an increase of walk-in traffic to the dealership.

Additionally, we designated a significant amount of the budget for Google Ads. We used a combination of long-tailed keywords and specific keyword research to reach buyers close to the point of purchase in the buying process.


By taking an omnichannel approach to reaching customers that were in-market to purchase a vehicle, we were able to generate over 9000 leads and attributed over 500 additional sales resulting in a 928% return on investment.

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